Landlord issued N12 and said he would be required my unit because he was returning to work in Toronto. A previous tenant told me that he had told her the same thing by phone call in 2021 (verbal N12), later renovating and advertising the unit at a $650 increase when she moved out. He was not able to explain to me why he did not move in at this time. When I asked for his mailing address he provided the address of a cottage he rented out in Sudbury. Did not provide compensation of one month's rent until I asked, at which point he said he had been meaning to call me about it (he did not call about it). He later sent a long email where he refused rent, called me an "undesired tenant", repeatedly mentioned how professional and charismatic he is, that he had a friend who was a lawyer, and said he was not willing to provide a landlord reference as he was worried it would hurt his reputation as a director of a church. When I told him I had not found a place to live yet he said he had never had a tenant refuse to leave before, but also said he had never issued an N12 before ever. He filed an L2 at the LTB and signed a declaration that did not include any details about why he required the unit. He did not answer when I asked if he had told the other tenants that he was moving in.

N12 Type
  • Personal Use
Did the Tenant Contest the N12?
  • No
Did the Tenant Leave?
  • Yes, didn't go to LTB

721 Indian Rd, Toronto, ON, Canada

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