Did you get an official form, email, text, or non-form N12?

What is an N12?

An N12 is a notice of termination for landlord's own use or for the sale of a unit that requires vacancy requires that a landlord give a tenant 60 days notice with the final day of the notice ending on the last day of the term (usually the day before rent is paid).

What is a bad faith N12?

Bad faith occurs when a landlord gives a tenant a Form N12 notice for own use as a way to end the tenancy because of other issues. This means the landlord or their immediate family members, does not have a genuine intention to move into the unit for the purposes of living there themselves.

Why is this site needed?

With the city's rental market continuing to run red-hot, landlords may be tempted to say they need the unit for their own or a family member's use — a legal reason to ask a tenant to leave — and then make it available again. For some landlords, it's worth it to break the law to cash in.

What will this site do?

A neutral platform

Our goal is to provide renters with information about the N12 history of an address without the need for identifying the landlord.

Alert System

As there is no enforcement of N12's the system allows potential new tenants to notify the previous tenants if the address is available to rent again.

Statistical Data

The site will be able to show if there is any correlation between increasing land values and 'personal use' evictions.