LL passed away and her daughter inherited the house. Immediately started trying to change our lease and restrict us from doing certain things ex. Parking in the driveway and using the backyard amoung many others. We filed a t2 and won that hearing almost instantly after we qerw issued an N12 saying she wanted to move in. Here's the kicker she already lived on the main floor she was moving out of the country. Rented the main floor out for a lot more money and wantes to keep the basement s her vacation home. She tried to get us to sign an n11 many times. Finally after a year battle we decided to move only to fid the apartment listed shortly after for 400 more a month. Filed a t5 with the ltb and won


N12 Type
  • Personal Use
Did the Tenant Contest the N12?
  • Yes
Did the Tenant Leave?
  • Other

570 Ridelle Avenue, York, ON, Canada

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