Our Landlord first evicted the main floor tenants for personal use (May 2019) Then after doing three months of renovations on that unit she moved in for personal use. Then two months later (November 2019) she slipped the N12 under our door and also sent an email saying she was going away for the weekend, but asked for a confirmation of receipt. We did not respond, as we were reviewing our tenants rights.

During this time she turned off the heat to the house causing it to drop to 12 degrees in below freezing temperatures - she has nest installed on her phone giving her full control of this vital service. We believe she withheld this service in order to get an immediate reply from us.

This N12 stated, as per Section 48 & 49 of the Residential Tenancies Act via the LTB, she will be occupying the unit for herself and her parents.

We are waiting a Notice of Hearing and will also be submitting an N5 for an eviction in bad faith.

N12 Type
  • Personal Use

Did the Tenant Leave?
  • Yes

Eviction Date
  • 2020-01-31


53 Delaney Crescent, Toronto, ON, Canada

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