I was given a printout of an N12 stating the property sold, but it did not. I notified the real estate who still claims the property did NOT sell. I have been renting for 5yrs  now, with absolutely no defaults on monthly rent, and they have never had no complaints. They live in the same town, and I rarely ever saw them over. Once to do the sewage, once to have ME install a new water pump, and once to replace the glass on the woodstove.  My family has been given a date to be out by July, 31, 2021. Seeing to as I called the landlords bluff, they decided to now tape a printout of an N5 on my door. The printout of the N12 was also left taped to my door prior, and one in a yellow envelope sitting in my mailbox.  now instead and giving a different reason than the first. I called the LTB and they have no file on record. They are unfaithfully having us move. I am also disabled, and have nowhere for me and my family to go. The claims the landlord made the second time: the back deck..its an OLD farm house. The small deck has been rotten for many yrs. prior to me moving in. My leg went right through it. So, my son nailed a board over top of it. The steps have no support and my son fell when the step broke off. we have tried ourselves to fix it many times. The broken window- is a small window about 2' above ground was cracked prior to me moving into the house. My youngest son taped it up to stop drafts. The landlords have never came over in those 5yrs. to replace shingles that are curled up, any holes that led racoons to live in the attic, for the house being untidy, its untidy, but, surely not messy. There is absolutely no storage and we are a family of myself, and two adult boys. Its a very small 2 bedroom house. I have contacted the LTB and because its not filed, there was nothing for me to contest. Otherwise, I have kept all documents, and texts. And, was told I did not have to move. So, I will be staying put.
N12 Type
  • Non-Valid N12 (Text, Email, Verbal)
Did the Tenant Contest the N12?
  • No
Did the Tenant Leave?
  • Other
Eviction Date
  • 2021-07-31

Green Ln, Huron Shores, ON, Canada

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