Non-corporation small private landlord and ex husband whom owns two properties close to the beaches along woodbine.
Illegal attempts to evict by text, in person harassment, email harassment, neglect of residence and now N12 then followed N12 with rent increase. Compensation was never paid out as the N12 required and no other units were offered even though 2 other rentals become available within the time frame of the N12.

Landlady tried to text evict us during Covid no eviction period in 2020-2021. After making her aware of the rights we have as tenants, she stopped texting saying to leave for ridiculous reasons when I asked about the safety concern of my apartment door or having a trained service dog. Eventually, the landlady got someone else to write up an N12 for personal use but she didn’t sign it personally as the landlady I pay her ex husband did. N12 was then followed up by a rent above increase. The landlady still collects my rent, still ignores her responsibilities and forces her tenants to deal with her ex abusive husband who attempts to intimidate them.
After trying to assert my rights, to avoid illegal entry, loss of services/access to my storage, threats of my stuff being thrown out, bribe texts of less than one months compensation and less than one months time to move. N12 was given after other text and bribe threats. I have always paid on time, only asked for pests/trash/recycling outside to be managed due to pest issues. I have only ever asked the landlords for small repairs or property management when I felt unsafe due to health concerns or property concerns of hazardous materials or as said before pests.

Was served with an N12 April 2022, going to fight the N12 and have my own pending T2 application. Due to my court date not being heard I will not include the text messages of the harassment to leave and just the N12 as I fear my landlady will retaliate if she finds this post.. so I’ve edited some info out.

N12 Type
  • Non-Valid N12 (Text, Email, Verbal)
Did the Tenant Contest the N12?
  • Yes
Did the Tenant Leave?
  • Other

321 Woodbine Avenue, Toronto, ON, Canada

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