321 Woodbine Ave, private property with private landlord. Owns two properties along Woodbine ave beaches and are extremely unprofessional.

landlady texted harassing text messages multiple times threatening eviction during 2020-2021 no eviction period. After repeatedly educating our landlady on the issue she then pushed us off to a male we never met or dealt with who continued to harass us. We had been threatened, I have had threats to my property, I’ve had aggressive behaviour happen such as my property broken, bins being thrown at my door, cigarette butts (I don’t smoke) thrown all outside my door.

2022 April was given an N12 for person use by landlords ex husband or who ever this guy is, was never paid compensation and was never offered another unit. Two units have been available since my N12 received, there is another property they own as a rental that was not offered. I was bribed $500 and I declined, when they had to pay mandatory compensation for the N12 I was never paid or asked about my intentions to move.

Following the N12, I was given a notice of rental increase less than 6 months after the N12 for personal use. Address listed on my N12 for the persons intention of moving in, their address is the other rental property they own not the address given with my lease agreement.

I have had to call the city for pest related issues, snow and ice management, unsafe conditions, trash and recycling issues etc. As kind attempts to communicate with the landlady was met with extreme aggression, harassment and threats. I’ve not added all the photos as I’m still pending trial/court case for my T2 Harassment hearing and worry my landlord may stalk this or find it.

N12 Type
  • Non-Valid N12 (Text, Email, Verbal)
Did the Tenant Contest the N12?
  • Yes
Did the Tenant Leave?
  • Other

321 Woodbine Ave, Toronto, ON, Canada

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