The landlord tried to illegally raise our rent. When we refused, he said he’d have to evict us. We refused to respond to his threats so he said he’d have to sell the house. It was never listed, there were never showings, etc. however a week later we were told it was sold. He mailed us the N12 but did not give us 60 days’ notice. He initially told us the buyers took possession in November, however at the hearing the paper he brought said they took possession in January. There were many inconsistencies in his story and he did not bring copies of evidence, claiming he didn’t know he needed to give us evidence. He was told by the adjudicator multiple times to give us copies, and he never did. He was told this would make any evidence he presented inadmissible. The adjudicator ruled in our favour based on him only serving us with 57 days’ notice, not 60. We fully expect him to continue trying to evict us however we have lots of evidence against him so we plan on continuing to take him back to the LTB. We also intend on filing for harassment if he continues threatening to evict us.

N12 Type
  • Agreement of Purchase/Sale

Did the Tenant Leave?
  • No

Eviction Date
  • 2019-10-31

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