The landlord claimed he wanted to move in with his girlfriend, beginning Jan 1, 2020. I had lived there for ~4 years.

Was given email notice on Nov 2, 2019 for a Dec 31st eviction date (less than 60 days).
I pushed for the official form and it was illegally back-dated to November 1st, several days later.
The whole process was the landlord trying to skimp out of any of their legal responsibilities, I had to push for everything and communication was very bad.
We did not go to the LTB, as I suspected a successful eviction would happen eventually and just wanted the process to be over and not live in limbo.


N12 Type
  • Non-Valid N12 (Text, Email, Verbal)

Did the Tenant Contest the N12?
  • No

Did the Tenant Leave?
  • Yes, didn't go to LTB

Eviction Date
  • 2019-12-31

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